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'''détente'''<br />
'''détente'''<br />
a relaxation of tensions
a relaxation of tensions
'''Mlle Thierry Poutrincourt'''<br />
Thierry is a masculine given name, one of many occurrences of gender ambiguity in IJ.
'''Frontenac'''<br />
'''Frontenac'''<br />

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☽ November 7th, YDAU - Courses Taught at ETA

Page 306

Year of the Depend Adult Undergarment

glowing with heat

one of the more famous constellations in the night sky


coal of nearly pure carbon that burns with high heat and relatively little smoke

Page 307

crop being a riding crop, and epaulet a military or quasi-military shoulder emblem, this would suggest a certain militaristic disposition

Winter Park FL
a city in Florida about five miles north-northeast of Orlando

shorthand for the Granger movement, here used in the generic sense of organizing, as of labor [another editor queries that] — NOAD: (the Grange) —(in the US) a farmers' association organized in 1867. The Grange sponsors social activities, community service, and political lobbying.

Endnote 105

The word refers to Andrea Dworkin (1946-2005), an American radical lesbian feminist

probably a reference to the Pizzitola Sports Center in Providence, R.I.


Page 308

The (misspelt by DFW) Eustachian tube connects the middle ear to the back of the nose; this compound gerundive would mean "deafeningly loud."

a slang term for a $5 bill

Shared Processing Network


Ulcerative colitis
a form of inflammatory bowel disease (Wikipedia)

Year of the Trial-Size Dove Bar

Page 309

Vivian, Utah
a city about 30 miles southeast of Salt Lake City

Hempstead, Long Island
a town in New York about 25 miles into Long Island, about halfway between the North and South shores

Tapio Martti
"Tapio" and "Martti" are both Finnish first names. Tapio is also the Finnish pagan god of forests.

Sonora, Mexico
a state of northern Mexico, bordering Arizona

a genus of flying beetles found, among elsewhere, in the Eastern U.S.

Here used as a past-tense verb, a moonball is a very high lob.

a relaxation of tensions

Mlle Thierry Poutrincourt
Thierry is a masculine given name, one of many occurrences of gender ambiguity in IJ.

probably a reference to the Battle of Fort Frontenac during the French and Indian Wars, where the British defeated the French

presumably this is a political movement of some kind, probably based on separation from the U.S.

obstacle or impediment

as opposed to Québecois French

Pléaide Classics
better known as Bibliothèque de la Pléaide

involving the epiglottis in pronunication

Page 310


prenatal dentition
growth of teeth before birth

Cartier and Roberval and Cap Rouge and Champlain
Jacques Cartier (1491-1557) was a French explorer who first mapped the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and who coined the name "Canada." Jean-François de la Roque de Roberval (1500-1560) was a French pirate and first lieutenant general of New France (i.e., French Canada, i.e., Québec). Cap-Rouge is a section of present-day Québec City, where Cartier tried to place his first French settlement. Samuel de Champlain (1567-1635) was the French founder of Québec City

Ursuline nuns
the Order of St. Ursula, the members of which teach young girls

the head coverings that nuns wear

U.N. Day
October 24

A jerkin is a close-fitting men's jacket. With the wig, this is the costume of the early Modern warrior. Infinitely preferable to wig and merkin.

Jeffery Amherst, 1st Baron Amherst (1717-1797), was a British field marshal and veteran of the French and Indian Wars. Town in Massachusetts named after him also gave its name to Wallace's alma mater. The story of Lord Jeffery Amherst discussing coating blankets with smallpox and distributing them to Native Americans is well-known at Amherst College.

More properly called the Wyandot or Wendat, these are an indigenous people of North America originally inhabiting Québec before the French arrived.

the Latin word for "smallpox"

Strike Against Civilian Population

a poisonous mushroom

German: stone enclosure

a breed of dog

Read-Only Memory

Levesque-Parti-and-Bloc Québecois and Fronte de la Libération Nationale
René Lévesque (1922-1987) was a Québecois government minister and founder of the Parti Québécois. Bloc Québécois promotes sovereignty for Québec while the Parti promotes independence. The Fronte mentioned above is probably a misnomer or early form of the FLQ.

wound together

Page 311

Endnote 110

Page 311 (cont'd)

U.S. Interstate 87
It runs from Champlain, NY, on the Canadian border, to the Bronx.

describing drivers orienting themselves by experience, rather than paying close attention; 'naively empiricist' probably means that they are reacting to their immediate experience without thinking

Year of the Tucks Medicated Pad

devilishly evil

Page 312

a metabolite of benzodiazepines

Mario's birth, early development

Page 312

a craving and fulfillment thereof to eat things that are not foods, occasionally occurring in pregnant women (Wikipedia), normal children with iron deficiency (especially with a target of ice), and developmenatally askance individuals of all ages.

Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) was a Dutch painter of extraordinary talent & sensitivity to light, 17th c.

Toronto's Skydome
Now known as Rogers Centre, this is the home field of the Toronto Blue Jays.

Page 313

having shortened muscle tissue

Green Valley AZ
a city in Arizona about 22.5 miles due south of Tucson

a type of cactus

slow in cell development

Endnote 115

Volkmann’s contracture
Richard von Volkmann (1830-1889) was a prominent German surgeon who described Volkmann's contracture in 1881. (Wikipedia) DFW’s explanation is rare-for-him bunk. Although it may be associated with a fracture, it has other causes.

having to do with the study of old age

a musical term that is Italian for "very, very slowly"

Page 313 (cont'd)

as a noun, a drunkard

Page 314

surgical reshaping of the eyelid

having an outer layer

ending abruptly in a short sharp point or mucro.

unable to grab

the Yiddish word for the skullcap that observant Jewish men wear

a type of IQ test

slow witted

more like refracted
Refraction occurs when light slows down when it enters a new medium. The change of speed also causes a change in direction of travel. Although light travels at a constant speed in a vacuum, it travels more slowly in matter.

joint of beef
a piece of beef of a good size for roasting

Page 315

New New York City

about 2.3 feet

Marino lamps
shorthand for a San Marino floor lamp

Year of the Trial-Size Dove Bar

an addition to a legal will

Endnote 116

overdecorated with floral designs

Page 315 (cont'd)

art created by a child or teenager


Page 316

à clef
French for "by key," the term is usually given as roman à clef, i.e., a novel in which real people or events appear with invented names.

sloped at an angle

lizard-like (especially, here, with respect to the skin)

having teeth of all one type (see endnote 119; in Mario's case, all his teeth are bicuspids, the two-pronged sort normally found between the canines and the molars)

a type of Chinese puzzle, a square cut into seven pieces, but which can be reassembled into many other shapes indeed

Page 317

Year of Dairy Products From the American Heartland

April 30th/May 1st, YDAU - Marathe & Steeply Again

Page 317

Page 318

l'aine des Etats Unis
French: the groin of the United States

Page 319

"Demise" is a legal term meaning to convey or lease land. Redemised title would normally refer to an interest returned to the original owner, as in a sale and lease-back, but may here just refer to a second transfer of title, or regifting as we say at Christmas time.

French: Without Christ

Un ennemi commun
French: a common enemy

Page 320

L'état protecteur
French: the protector-state

lume nacreous
not sure where DFW got that, perhaps lumière nacrée, French, “pearly light” is intended

Page 321

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