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''''I Don't Know (How to Love Him)''''<br />
''''I Don't Know (How to Love Him)''''<br />
a song from the rock opera ''Jesus Christ Superstar'', sung by the character of Mary Magdalene
a song from the rock opera ''Jesus Christ Superstar'' with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Tim Rice, sung by the character of Mary Magdalene (album: 1970; stage premiere, on Broadway: 1971)
'''"tornadic gale"''' <br />
'''"tornadic gale"''' <br />
Tornado-strength wind.
tornado-strength wind
'''Azores'''<br />
'''Azores'''<br />
A group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean, west of Portugal.
a group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean, west of Portugal
'''cytological'''<br />
'''cytological'''<br />
like microscopic cells. On the other hand, maybe this is a deliberate or accidental misspelling of cetological (related to whales). Hal seems to be imagining himself spitting water like a whale spouting water from its blowhole.
Like microscopic cells; on the other hand, maybe this is a deliberate or accidental misspelling of cetological (related to whales). Hal seems to be imagining himself spitting water like a whale spouting water from its blowhole.
'''plume''' <br />
'''plume''' <br />
Here, a stream of water resembling a feather.
here, a stream of water resembling a feather  
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{{InfiniteJest PbP}}

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November 17th, YDAU - A First-Time Visitor to Ennet House

Page 786

ask questions of someone while under oath

Hal is wearing his jacket inside out.

Endnote 324 · John Wayne loses it

Endnote 324

U.S.O.U.S. "interviews" Molly Notkin

Page 787

a felt hat with a brim meant for a man

an adherent school of thought that encompasses the arts as well as politics

Page 788

a co-operative, i.e., an apartment building that is jointly owned by the tenants

V or VI
The filmography of Incandenza presented in an earlier (lengthy) endnote would seem to indicate that there were only five versions of the film, although the fifth version was apparently reviewed, which would mean that the "entertainment" so desperately sought is actually a sixth version.

a representation of an idea, here visual

changed from one form to another as a step in evolution

anybody's guess, although perhaps similar to ululating, as suggested by Amy Batchelor in one of her interesting Thoughts in Random Patterns (8 August 2005)

Endnote 329

serving to indicate or point out

Page 788 (cont'd)

Year of the Tucks Medicated Pad

even funnier coming from someone with a first name ending in -ly; simply ghastly functions as the adverb (rarely) as well as the adjective (could Molly be lalating?)

needlessly convoluted, like one of the machines for which Jewish-American cartoonist Reuben Garret Lucius "Rube" Goldberg (1883-1970) was famous

Page 789

about to give birth

This complicated figure of speech is explained here.


the gratification of sexual desire

deception by trickery or sophistry

This word denotes "the principal structural member of a ship, running lengthwise along the center line from bow to stern, to which the frames are attached" (American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language). Here it is used in the sense of "on an even keel," i.e., sane.

real filmic McCoy
an interpolation of "filmic" (cinematic) into the familar expression "real McCoy," signifying authenticity

Page 790

a misspelling of interment, i.e., burial

regarding a vision of death

Year of the Trial-Size Dove Bar

felo de self
a misspeaking of felo de se

Page 791

olla podrida
a type of stew popular in Spain (and the pot in which it is prepared and served)

a vivid purplish red

wattles are ornamental skin on or near the base of the bill of certain birds, in this case the red wattles on the turkey's beak

see note for Page 788 supra

see here for a discussion of the cinematography technique

anti-Picaresque narrative statis
This is one―or a small part of one―of Molly's pseudoscholarly (not to say "Rube-Goldbergesque") tropes. A picaresque work is the satirical, episodic story of a roguish hero (or antihero) of low birth and behavior that borders on the criminal (see here for examples of picaresque novels, including Don Quixote, Tom Jones, and Huckleberry Finn). The phrase here may imply a storytelling technique at odds with the picaresque literary style (i.e., not a first-person narrative or not told from the protagonist's point of view; not without plot; not static in terms of the [anti-]hero's character development; not satirical; etc.). Also, of course, see Endnote 331.

attached to emotionally in a negative way

all of Vienna
implying all psychoanalysts, or at least all adherents of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung

Page 792

German: love of death

in a manner suggesting opposition of laws

clearly expressed

Gilles Deleuze
Gilles Deleuze (1925-1995) was a French philosopher.

Incest and the Life of Death in Capitalist Entertainment
There is no such title.

having a bad influence

a substance used to produce other substances


Pap smears
screenings for female reproductive cancers, named for Georgios N. Papanikolaou (1883-1962), a Greek oncologist

a play on Pookie (the baby-talk version), but also Italian (plural of putto) for representations of male infants or cherubs often seen in Renaissance (and other) paintings

Page 793

a neologism in reference to Actaeon, a young hunter in Greek Mythology who looked upon Artemis bathing, who turned him into a stag; he was then killed by his own hunting dogs

prongs of a fork

servilely respectful (to the extent of kneeling before)


Page 794

a type of laboratory glassware -- also the title of a novel by Sylvia Plath

traveling from place to place

A pointer is a breed of hunting dog

Page 795

Lucille Duquette
Molly is lying about Joelle's real name, but this name means something like "Light of the Collection."

slow moving

Endnote 332 · Pemulis just slays deLint

Endnote 332

Hal's First Anonymous Meeting

Page 795

Endnote 333

towns too far away from cities to be called "suburbs" but not far enough to be rural

an island of Massachusetts about 30 miles south of Cape Cod

Page 795 (cont'd)

Route 27
a Massachusetts highway running from Route 106 in Kingston to Route 4 in Chelsmfold

Page 796

overlooking of an offense

Abandoned All Hope
In Dante's Inferno, the sign above Hell reads, "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here."

C. C. Reservoir
presumably "Cleveland Circle Reservoir," though the actual reservoir next to Cleveland Circle is known as the Chestnut Hill Reservoir.

a side road to avoid taking a turnpike, in this case, the Mass Turnpike (I-90).

Rte. 9
a Massachusetts highway running from US-20 in Pittsfield (western Massachusetts) to Route 28 in Boston

an interstate running from Seattle to Boston, with the Massachusetts section designated the Mass Turnpike

National Public Radio

George Will
George Frederick Will (born 1941) is a conservative American columnist. Wallace implies that he has had his voicebox removed and now speaks with a prosthetic voicebox.

Cleveland Circle
a neighborhood of Boston

Page 797

an ancient Greek dialect spoken between 800 and 300 BC

It's Greek to me, but it seems that mu and gamma may be transposed in what should probably transliterate to onyma.

This is probably a reference to Francis Thynne (1544-1608), an English administrator at the College of Arms in London.

something that provides a central source for growth

probably a reference to the Anglo-Saxon poet by that name

a shadowy, gray area

a form of metamorphic rock

the name of a reservoir in Massachusetts

Burma-Shave signs

Burma-Shave signs
small sequential road signs used to advertise an American brand of brushless shaving cream from 1925 to 1963; see examples here

a region of northern Italy with its capital at Milan

Masonry building with quoins at corner

cornerstones (see right)

Page 798

shutting down of an engine

perhaps a nonce adjective indicating that the carpet is made of Dacron, the synthetic polyester fiber, but could be an invented extension of the trademark, because it appears later on the page as a noun

a horizontal piece of architecture supporting the weight above a window or door

dark or brownish purple

'Seated Harlequin'
You can see this painting here.

Page 799

referring to Rubik's cube

eagle-, leaf-, and broom-emblemized
presumably the vestigal U.S.A. bald eagle and Canadian maple leaf, so the broom could be the symbol of O.N.A.N.

paper money

a town in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, about 15 miles west of Boston (and part of the Greater Boston area)

São Paulo
Brazilian metropolis

tending to do good things for their own sakes

"...the color of Thousand Island dressing..."
the pastel salmon color resulting from mixing mayonnaise and tomato ketchup (among other ingredients, including pickle relish)

Page 800

Imperial beard

Imagine a beard like the one shown at right, only blond and with more wax.

hissing sound

deprived, especially by a death

Page 801

consisting of two lumps of fat - here it refers to, however, his globe-like head seated atop his globe-like body, as mentioned on the previous page

Page 802

sentimental; overly sweet; cloying

NASA emblem

space-and-spacecraft emblem
see NASA logo at right

a moderate grey-violet to red-purple color

as if punctuated by temporary cessations of breathing

Philip Glass
Philip Glass (born 1937) is an American music composer and pianist. His music is repetitive and minimalist.

capsules or caplets of Methaqualone, a sedative often used recreationally

Page 803

situated in the groin

mucus flowing as a result of crying; rheum

most oblique (sloping); "the obliquest portion of his profile" could be his nose

a town in Massachusetts about 12 miles southwest of Boston

the business school at the Ivy-League University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, generally believed to be the most prestigious undergraduate business school in the world and also highly regarded at post-graduate levels

Endnote 336


addicted to the market (shopping)?

Page 804

Humboldt County
probably the county in far-north California.

grown in water

"mercantile counterpart at the Rolling Hills Academy"
a student at Rolling Hills who fulfills at his school much the same role that Pemulis fulfills at E.T.A.

Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, the main psychoactive substance found in marijuana

Metro-Boston Recovery Options

Year of Dairy Products from the American Heartland

a quality that evokes pity

the musical effect of the plucking of strings on a classical instrument

civet-like; a civet is a small carnivorous feline mammal that emits a strange smell

the arrangement of windows and doors on the elevations of a building

Page 805

moved up and down in a playful manner (e.g., dandled a baby on one's knee)

Fred MacMurray
Fredrick Martin MacMurray (1908-1991) was an American film and television actor, referenced here for his starring role as the father in the hit television show My Three Sons.

in loco parentis
Latin: in the place of parents


Page 806

widow's peak
a hairline that comes to a point in the center of the forehead

In the manner of thinking deeply about something.

A stupor generally caused by drugs.

Addis Ababa
the capital of Ethiopia

American Falls
the American part of Niagara Falls

Page 807


performing an operation on a living animal for research purposes

large drums (kettledrums) used in orchestras

a brass instrument that looks much like a trumpet

Appian Way
an ancient Roman road

an Italian pastry stuffed with sweetened ricotta cheese

Ascension Island
a volcanic island off the coast of Africa

South Atlantic
South Atlantic Ocean. The Atlantic Ocean is bounded by the east coasts of the Americas and the west coasts of Eurasia and Africa. The area of the Ocean below the equator is referred to as the South Atlantic Ocean.

Page 808

'I Don't Know (How to Love Him)'
a song from the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Tim Rice, sung by the character of Mary Magdalene (album: 1970; stage premiere, on Broadway: 1971)

"tornadic gale"
tornado-strength wind

a group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean, west of Portugal

Like microscopic cells; on the other hand, maybe this is a deliberate or accidental misspelling of cetological (related to whales). Hal seems to be imagining himself spitting water like a whale spouting water from its blowhole.

here, a stream of water resembling a feather

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